Just before my Level II’s…

I originally created this blog as an outlet for the frustration and anxiety that one experiences as an OT student. Or any graduate student for that matter. I know I haven’t kept up with it, but I promise to start now. I know I could offer tons of advice and reassurance for OT students out there just beginning their OT school journey or even those who are half way through. 

My OT program is a bit different than most others out there. First, I am a non-traditional student and already obtained by BA degree prior to beginning an OT program. Most programs out there are traditional and the students begin there OT college career as freshman. Second, I took my classes on the weekends and online, which allowed me to work a regular job during the week. This is definitely different than what undergrad or traditional OT students experience, I’m sure, because my whole life doesn’t revolve around OT studies. Many of my classmates had full-time jobs, are parents, own homes, or otherwise have obligations outside of OT school. 

I think my program changed me quite a bit as a person. Aside from weight gain and a newly developed anxiety disorder, I definitely re-prioritized a lot of things in my life since starting my life as an OT student. Somehow in the last 2 1/2 years I’ve learned to make school one of my top priorities, which definitely wasn’t the case during my undergrad years. Enjoying freedom and life in general has also been nearly non-existent, in addition to have most of my weekend taken away due to class time, exams, and lab practicals (bleh!). But through it all, I’ve emerged, with decent grades and a new respect for other grad students out there, especially my fellow OT students (we are in this together!). 

Anyways, here I am fresh from classes, ready to start my Level II fieldwork rotations, free from normal classes during the spring, only until the summer when at least I’ll be (mostly) done with my Level II’s and ready to graduate onto greater things (such as dedicating my life to studying for the NBCOT, coming soon!). My first 12 week rotation is a special services school district for kids 3 years-old to third grade. My second 12 week rotation is in hand therapy. I’m definitely more excited for the first one than the second, but beggars can’t be choosers and OT students can’t be picky. Haha! 

Even though I will end this post now, I will definitely follow-up, while I’m still on Christmas break, with some tips and advise for other fellow OT students out there. And of course I will stay more updated as I go through my Level II’s. I’m sure I will have lots to vent about, as this experience isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but hopefully it will bring me closer to becoming a competent OT practitioner. 


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