Ok so….

I haven’t kept up with this blog as much as I wanted but I will say one thing….I GRADUATED! Yes. I got thromotivational-quotes-small-hdugh all the horrendous stress that is OT school and now I can finally start focusing on several new initiatives over the next few months.

1. Study and pass the dreaded NBCOT

2. Find my first OT job

3. Lose the 40 lbs in stress weight I’ve put on…ugh (as a double whammy I was also diagnosed with hypothyroid several months ago which I haven’t really been keeping up with)

4. Pay off my massive student loan debt

So let’s start with Goal #1. I bought the TherapyEd book for school and have just started to crack it open. I’ve been researching recommended study habits for getting through the NBCOT. It’s challenging because I just started working again temporarily and it’s close to a full time schedule with travel included. So I think I’ll begin with studying 2-4 hours per night for the next month or two and schedule my exam for the end of September/beginning of October. My ultimate goal is to get my first job by December. But after passing the boards (assuming I do on the first try), I also have to wait forever to get licensed. Bah.

Goal #3. I made a plan to eat more healthy. One thing I’ve started to do is incorporate smoothies into my diet with my awesome Ninja blender. Every morning I’ll make one for breakfast and maybe another one for a snack. I also bought a bunch of salad ingredients and Healthy Choice meals to make it easy to take to work and hopefully avoid snacking, which is my biggest problem (work doesn’t help either when staff bring in donuts or other treats to share with the office :() I also joined kickboxing, which I love, but I’m also thinking of joining a local gym, because I’ll be honest it’s hard to get motivated to run in the mornings. But we’ll see. I’m going to try to stick with one thing at a time.


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