This  is the log of my thoughts, feelings, and experiences as I move onto the next chapter of my life. I’ve gone from a naive young girl growing up in a small town on the Jersey Shore to a penniless college graduate trying to find her way in the world among many others trying to find themselves. Undeterred refers to the belief of never losing hope, even in the face of tragedy, loss, or obstacles that occur in your life. I’m determined to keep fighting for what I believe and want in my life without letting things, big or small, get in the way.

My journey so far…

Growing up along the Jersey Shore was a comfortable way of life, but as far as I could remember I always wanted to get out. Maybe this desire came from the opportunities I’ve had to see glimpses of other places I’ve seen by traveling. In my last few years of high school I was so excited to go to college out-of-state and study biology or environmental science. However, that never happened.

I graduated with a degree in Sociology in a college close to home. After a year of working in the environmental field, I realized my true passion in life was to help enrich the lives of others, which is why I decided to move to a career in occupational therapy. I still appreciate nature and our environment but I realized that I’d love to eventually help others find a way to connect themselves to it physically, emotionally, and mentally, especially for those who are limited by their physical or cognitive disabilities. I’d love to utilize service animals, therapeutic horseback riding, and outdoor recreational therapy in a holistic way to help others appreciate what is naturally given to us.

I finally graduated with my M.S in Occupational Therapy and passed my OTR exam! Through all of the tears, anxiety, and struggle I made it. My dream is to one day work as an OT doing animal-assisted therapy and one day opening up a retreat or camp for adolescents and young adults with mental health or substance abuse issues.

Who I Am

I’m a very spiritual person, although I don’t identify myself with any one religion, I find peace and healing in nature. I developed this appreciation after traveling to different national parks throughout the country during my childhood. I’m very shy and quiet by nature, but I’m a deep thinker and am extremely passionate about many causes.

My personality can best be summarized in the things I love…

  • Quiet and peace
  • Traveling
  • Animals
  • Hiking, zip lining, ATVing, skiing, camping, and any other adventurous outdoor sports I have the opportunity to partake in.
  • Making a difference
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Reading

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